Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

June 2022


Effect of Some indigenous Bacilli and Cyanobacteria Strains inoculants on Growth Characteristics and Productivity of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum frutescens)

Ashmawi Elsayed Ashmawi, Gehan Mohamed Salem, Mona Fekry Ghazal and Amira El-Emshaty

ABSTRACT: Bacillus amyloliquifaciens (BA), Bacillus megaterium (BM), and Cyanobacteria have all been identified as effective biofertilizers that positively impact various crops. Two successful field experiments were conducted at Al-Azhar University's Experimental Farm during the summer season 2020 and 2021 growing seasons to assess the effect of Bacilli strains and Cyanobacteria inoculation on the vegetative growth and growth parameters and plant chemical content of sweet pepper (Capsicum frutescens). In addition, the study investigates the ability of isolated bacterial strains from soil samples to improve plant growth, which is indicated by analyzing phytohormone production and phosphate solubilization. The obtained results indicated that mixed inoculation with both Bacillus strains and Cyanobacteria improved vegetative growth, plant chemical contents, and positive microbial activity in the soil Rhizosphere compared to un-inoculated plants. In addition, soil available nutrients (N, and K) increased significantly when BA and BM were combined with Cyanobacteria, while available phosphorus gave the most increase with BM.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-11 ] 10.22587/ajbas.2022.16.6.1


Energy Prices, Energy Intensity and Technological Progress: Impact and Causality Analysis in Tunisia

Besma Talbi

ABSTRACT: This article aims to examine the link between oil prices, oil intensity, and technological advancement in the Tunisian economy from 1980 to 2016. Methodology- This paper applied Bayer-Hanck combined cointegration analysis and Granger causality tests to examine the causal relationships between oil prices, oil intensity and technical progress. According to the research, there is a correlation between oil prices, fuel use, and oil intensity. In addition, there is a one-way correlation between oil prices, intensity, and gasoline costs. Originality- These findings are essential for the relevant authorities in Tunisia in developing appropriate energy policy and planning for decisions

[ FULL TEXT PDF 12-19 ] 10.22587/ajbas.2022.16.6.2